Monday, March 30, 2009

Wordle word cloud of SROJ v2.0

I heart data visualization!  I knew, back in school, that someday they would invent awesome ways to visualize complex data using technology, like all 3D and animated.  That day is here!  There was even an article about in Ad Age recently.  Data visualization is trendy!  Wow!  Something I like is trendy!!

There's the supercool Google Trendanalyzer or Gapminder or whatever they call it these days.  And the nifty little Google Visualization APIs.  I like that you can add some of them as "gadgets" here. has a lot of cool visualizations.  You can make your own in their Visualization Lab, or IBM's Many Eyes project, which are the same thing.

This is a word cloud of the entire contents (titles and post text) of The Swift Rod of Justice v2.0, generated at  Apparently, I say "like" a lot.  I'm real proud that "fuck", "cocks", "sex", ass" and "ninjas" made it in there.  Suck on that, FasCists!  I repeatedly violated your guidelines and managed to get away with it.  Just like I said I would.   


  1. is a great site for data viz stuff. I can't get enough of it either

  2. Hahaha...I spend entirely too much time on!