Sunday, March 22, 2009

Concerning the Historie and Nature of wiretherapy

"Wire Therapy" is a very strange and disturbing short film made by very strange and disturbing artist Shaye Saint John.

I created wiretherapy on FastCupid via nerve in 2005.  Then FC disabled my email and deleted my video intro, citing my "repeated excessive use of profane language" on the blogs.  I didn't want them to delete my new video intro, so I created wiretherapy2 and posted all the profanities from there.  

But then FC started to charge money for previously free features like looking at full-size photos and videos.  And now you can't read the blogs unless you log in.  It was all just pissing me off, so I created a place where anybody can freely access my photos, video and blogs.  Welcome!

I couldn't be "wiretherapy" here because there is another wiretherapy on blogspot.  Goddammit.  I hate that guy.  I didn't want to be wiretherapy2 again, so I'm wiretherapy3 now.

FC is the worst-run site ever. Hopefully this place is better.

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