Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sasha Grey & March of the Penguins mashup photo

Photos of Porn star Sasha Grey and a scene from "March of the Penguins", mashed up using two iPhone apps, OilCanvas and DoubleExposure.  X-rated overlayed upon G-rated.  Pretty!


  1. Wiretherapy,

    it's a great manipulation you've done here... you should do more (maybe you do?)

    I saw in your interests: serial killers. My father was murdered by infamous serial killer Dennis Nilsen... i've just written about it on my blog. You can come over & read if you'd like?

    Best wishes, Shane.

  2. Shane - !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I'm absolutely stunned. I'll definitely go check out your blog to read more about it. Thanks for stopping by!