Monday, April 6, 2009

Pot smokers are charitable and rich

Woohoo!  I just got all the questions correct on the Marijuana and Health Risks Quiz on ("Parents.  The anti-drug.").  I rock!  That site has some cool stuff.  If you're out of green and jonesing, you could take a virtual tour of marijuana's effects on the brain instead.

I wonder if people get emphysema or COPD or some other kind of chronic respiratory problem just from smoking pot.  I've never heard of a case. Probably hard to say since most pot smokers also smoke cigarettes.

So, which country has the most pot smokers?  New Zealand, according to  Nationmaster also says cannabis use correlates with volunteering and wealth, r2=0.6-0.7.  Amphetamine use, on the other hand, seems to predict exports.  It's all just based on about 20 countries, but it's funny how it fell out.

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