Sunday, May 3, 2009

If some douchebag hadn't burned down the Library of Alexandria…

The iPhone would've been invented by at least like, 20 years ago.  And I would've had one in high school.  Aaaaargh!  Stupid douchebags.  



  1. Wireslacker,

    Thanks for fiollowing my blog & thanks for reminding me that Brian Jonestown Massacre are one of my favourite bands... I forgot until I had a look at your profile!! ;)

    Hope you're well over there..5.45am & deathly quiet here. Best wishes, Shane.

  2. BJM rules! Deathly quiet is a rarity here, I'm jealous... :) Be well, xo, y.

  3. I'm well thanks. NY, now I'm jealous! :)

    Awaiting news... a post... something... anything... nothing...

    All my best, Shane. x

  4. OK since you are so sweet, I posted a whole lot of nothing - just for you! All that nothing, just for you. Now that's specialized attention! :)

    (you can always read my daily retarded twitters...)