Friday, May 22, 2009

Homophobia makes you fat

Are you fat?  Well, maybe you should stop being so homophobic.

This is a scatterplot of U.S. religious groups, plotted by % of people that are obese (BMI 30+), and % of people that "agree" or "strongly disagree" with the statement "Same-sex relations are wrong."

Interesting.  Looks like if you're homophobic, you're more likely to be fat.  Homophobia seems to explain a quarter of the variance in obesity rates.  

Ah, I knew it.  It's clear that God hates homophobes, and is punishing them by making them fat.  Or maybe God hates fat people, and punishes them by making them homophobic.

No, really.  Anyone have an explanation for this homophobia-obesity connection?

I do.  It's really simple.  

Obesity is related to poverty.  Poverty is related to low education.  Low education is related to homophobia.

Low obesity is related to wealth.  Wealth is related to high education.  High education, to less homophobia.

It's the economy, stupid.


  1. Hiya Yuka,

    How about this one:

    Thinking burns calories... so the less one thinks the less calories one burns. Racists & homophobes are so thoughtless and braindead that as their brains stagnate they gain weight.

    Hope you're well over there... my thoughts and wishes, Shane. x

    PS: me cute??? And I wanted to tell you that! Oh well, I've said it now. ;)

  2. Hey there qt!

    You're right! They ought to try the Thinking Diet. Though, some bigots aren't mindless, just horribly misinformed. But those that are informed and still bigoted, they got no excuse!

    I am well, thank you, though that post of yours effectively reduced me to tears yesterday. Heartbreaker, making girls cry :( Hope all's well over there, too, kiss Europe for me :) xo

  3. You're right. I would add that people tend to eat more when they're repressing feelings. all those groups have lots of "no's" and "must do's" in their lives; a regimented existance. they're trying to fill their emptiness.

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  5. This caught my attention the fact that homophobic people are neglected by most as the "male" but not to be obese ... That is very rare, is that obese people are more likely to be impotent ppor that used the pill generic cialis to live fully in a sexuality, but being obese homophobic is a little strange, I repeat

  6. Hello people! Harpers? Holy shit! This post was mentioned in Harpers! Lookit:

    Thanks Ted for bringing this to my attention! I'm gonna brag about it on Twitter now.