Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kings of Leon, I divorce thee

<--2004 - Cool
<--2009 - Uncool

I have dissolved my future plans to wed Kings of Leon, due to their recent mainstream overexposure and increasingly misguided fashion judgment. I mean look at the new hair. What is this? It's criminal. And the clothes? It's like their stylist outfitted the band entirely in G-Star Raw apparel, making them look completely gay. GSR is cool but you have to like, mix it up with ratty Ts and vintage consignment store stuff, otherwise it looks like you're trying too hard. And you can't pull off GSR outfits unless you're svelete, and these guys are starting to look bloated, doubtless from all the drinking and partying with fashion models. Plus, they're not really blowing me away as a band anymore. They used to be fresh and tight but now they're sloppy and boring. So I break up. Can somebody please let them know? Thanks.

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